Halloween Costumes: What’s Hot and Trendy in 2021

Ever thought about costume trends? They are kind of like fashion trends – they change with the years. Popular culture influences the subjects and styles of Halloween costumes, inspiring new ones and bringing about new twists on old favourites. So what’s hot and trendy in 2017? Here are some tips and ideas.

1. Movies

So many Halloween costumes are based on the biggest cinema hits, especially the ones from the previous summer. In 2017, many adventure movies and comedies have inspired costumes. You might find some of these character costumes this year:

  • Brave, a movie about a princess who is an expert archer and resists her mother’s wish that she get married, has inspired some costumes in 2017. Curly red wigs, blue princess dresses, and archery props will probably be seen this year.
  • Vampires have always been a Halloween costume classic, but this year, thanks to part 2 of the “Twilight Breaking Dawn” series, the look has evolved. Jason Cullen’s unique hair makes for some great wigs, and be ready to see some plastic vampire teeth!
  • More beauties and beasts will likely be inspired this Halloween, as Disney releases its 3D version this year. Princesses always abound at Halloween, but this year, look for Belle costumes in particular.
  • “The Avengers” provides a new reason for superhero costumes. The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man are just some of the Avengers-inspired costumes you’ll be seeing in 2017.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar returned this summer with a hit movie, so dressing like your favourite penguin or character from the series will be hot and cool!
  • “Ted”, the hit movie about a guy haunted by a childhood vow, could inspire some funny yet simple costumes. Pull out the old stuffed teddy bears!
  • Batman is a Halloween stand-by, but in 2017, following the release of “The Dark Knight Rises,” there will likely be a resurgence of Batman (and Catwoman) costumes.

2. Video Games

Video games change from year to year, too. In 2017, look for some of these game-themed costumes.

  • Angry Birds costumes are funny, colourful, and geometric – you’ll be seeing some big, angry birds this year as the popular game continues to captivate players.
  • Super Mario has been around awhile, but he’s as popular as ever. The main character, Mario, has inspired many a costume and this year, he’s still trendy.

For more inspiration, look to current events and celebrity gossip. There are all kinds of people in the news who are costume-worthy!

Any suggestions? Please post them below.

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